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Everything in life is a choice. Some may disagree with me but just hear me out. Wether you live a good or bad life, wether you get up in the morning, what you do during your day and night, who you love, where you live, what you do….everything is a choice. If you have two broken legs and a friend calls you to go play basketball, you can play in a wheelchair…..It’s a choice! It may not be the same as before or as easy as what it was and it may be very different from what you’re used to but you can still choose to do and be the way you were. I live with an extremely rare illness and a brain tumor. I endure a minimum of 14 different symptoms per day from memory loss, extreme fatigue, pounding headaches, horrific visions, massive leg pain, the list goes on and on…..Most people who meet me would never know I have what I have and that I have an inoperable brain tumor that almost claimed my life one year ago. When people learn about it, the usual response is “WOW! How do you get out of bed in the morning? I know I wouldn’t.” Here’s what I tell them……”IT’S A CHOICE!!!!” When I wake up more tired than when I went to bed, when my legs hurt so much that the thought of walking to the washroom is dreadful forget the actual act, when my head is pounding..I simply make the choice. I make the choice to get up, enjoy my day, truly live that day all day through. I choose to get up and be a mom. I choose to get up and be a wife. I choose to get up and be a friend. I choose to get up and be a business owner and go in a run our businesses. I choose to be me and live my life. It all starts with a choice….for me it’s the choice to get out of bed or not and live. Everything is a choice. Make no excuses and simply choose what you want and you can have it. CHOOSE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!


Writing a Book

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As most of you know, I am currently co-authoring a book with other women and one man. Most people think it’s so exciting and awesome. Although I do not disagree and this has always been a dream, have you ever written something that has never been written before? Have you ever written something that has never been told before? Have you ever tried to sit down and write your life story? When first writing I felt liberated, accomplished, excited, everything one should probably feel when about to co-author a book and fulfill one of their dreams. But once you write it then send it to the writer….once you hit the “send” button, all of those great things you were feeling suddenly turn into jaw dropping, sweaty, nervousness, Oh My feelings throughout your entire body. I have told my story many times, but I TOLD it. I got to choose who I told and who heard it. Once it is in written form, I don’t get to control who reads it. I don’t get to see their reaction. They don’t get to hear and feel my emotion. I simply don’t know them yet they know so much about me. There are things in the chapter I have only ever told my husband and now for the world to see. Why? Because those things have made me who I am today. They have helped become the strong woman I am today with a great marriage, a successful business and career path and so much more. Those things are what helped me discover My Hero Within!

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