Fate VS coincidence

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The age old question…are things fate or coincidence? I have had many things in life happen that make you question. However, I do not believe in coincidence. I believe you are where you are suppose to be. I believe things happen the way they are suppose to happen. You tell me….

When a family member was diagnosed with brain cancer, the neurosurgeon said “Be grateful it’s not an Addison’s tumor. They are the most dangerous.” About 8 years later I walked in to the same surgeon and said “I have an Addison’s brain tumor.” After looking at all of the reports, he said he only knows of 2 others in the entire country (Canada) who has one as it is so rare. I said I know and asked if he remembered what he had said 8 years earlier to my family member. He just about fell over. He remembered telling my family that as he said he had never told anyone that in his life and he didn’t even know where it came from. He had never said it again. He said he had just looked at our family who seemed so desperate for some hope and that’s what he said. He thought it would give us some comfort and hope at the time and he could not believe that the one family he has ever said that too, that the same family would walk into his office and actually have this type of tumor as it is the most dangerous and rare tumor….. and yet now I have one……..Fate or coincidence?

As soon as we accept that we are where we are suppose to be and the things that are happening are suppose to be happening to us, we can be excited and enjoy life. Celebrate everything as it’s what makes you YOU!