Cancer…Part 3

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Originally there wasn’t going to be a part 3, however, this morning I woke up feeling compelled to write for those who have passed or are fighting now and will not win. Although I wrote about cancer previously and the mindset I needed to have in order to overcome, I do not want people who know people who have passed of cancer to start questioning them and their fight. Battling cancer is one of the hardest things a person can ever do. Although, for me personally, every person but 1 that I knew that had cancer, gave in. As soon as they heard they had it, they gave up. They truly felt like they were not able to beat it, they did not want to go through what it took to fight and they had accepted their fate and simply worked on getting things ready for their passing. I know this is not always the case but often it is. I want to say, in my opinion, this is ok. I know what that battle looks like. I know the pain you endure on a daily basis that never seems to subside. I know the sadness, fear, and guilt one feels when diagnosed and fighting. I know what most people think and go through and I do not blame anyone for choosing to give in. I am all about choice. I am a fighter and always will be. I want to defy all odds no matter the situation, but not everyone is the same. I feel like if you want to fight and win….well, all things are possible with your Hero Within.

On the flip side, there are people who are diagnosed and don’t have a chance to fight. A lady, who I considered like a second mom, from diagnosis to death was around 2 weeks. Sometimes you are not given the chance to fight. I was diagnosed stage 1 originally so the opportunity to wrap my mind around it, fight, and win was definitely possible. The one thing I can always say, never let a doctor determine your time left. I feel that when people know that, they make it come true.

The long of the short of it is, praise all who are going through or have gone through cancer. Allow their fight, whatever that is or not, to be their choice and support it. Celebrate the ones who beat it as their cancer free day is more important than any other day of the year.


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So let’s paint this picture. I’m seven months pregnant, my husband and I have a 4 year old daughter, my husband has a 12 year old son, and we just started the process to adopt a thirteen year old girl. Life was great. Of course not perfect, but as perfect as we thought it could be. I was a teacher, which was my dream since I was 8 years old, my husband had his own legal consulting practice, together we owned a coffee shop….things were simply going well. Then, my 4 year old was diagnosed with a failing kidney….two weeks later I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Which, as I’m sure you could imagine, being pregnant, cervical cancer was terrible. The mindset you need to take on throughout a challenge like this is totally different than any other IF you want to overcome. Your Hero Within must be present and winning.

Of course my initial instinct was to be scared, nervous, sad…all of the “normal” things to feel…and then comes the anger and questioning “Why? Why me? Why now?”…but you must QUICKLY change that mindset. I had to think of all the reasons I had to live. My baby that was about to be born. Our daughter that needed my hand and hugs as she lay on tables full of needles for testing for her kidney. Our daughter that was about to move in and finally become part of a family, our family. I was needed to be a mom. I was needed to be a sister. I was needed to be an aunt. I was needed to be a daughter. I was needed to be a friend. I was needed to be a wife. I was needed on earth and therefor had to fight and had to win.

When you make this decision, one thing is for sure. YOU CAN NEVER WAIVER! You can NEVER go down the path of giving in. You can NEVER take the path and feel sorry or pitty for yourself and NEVER allow others to either. Once you make a decision to take the path of LIVING you can not even take a glimpse of what the other path looks like. You must have blinders on that allow you to only see the path you are on. This path must be called LIFE.

I believe that 75% of beating anything is all in your mind. Each of us have a power of the mind that we can not comprehend or understand its’ strength but when you need it, it’s there. When you use it, you win. This is part of your Hero Within. Grab it and win! I have been there. I have been at that place where you are looking death in the face and the only thing looking back is death. It’s that moment when your body and mind say “GIVE UP!” but your soul calls back “NEVER!!!” That’s when you win! That’s when you have life! That’s when you have found your Hero Within!



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Yup…I said it…the big “C” word. The word that no one ever wants to hear. The word that people pray they never hear for themselves or anyone they love or know. Unfortunately, it is being used over and over in numbers that shake me. The amount of people diagnosed with cancer each day is absolutely unacceptable…and even more unacceptable is the amount of people who don’t beat it and ultimately die. I have personally lost a step mother, a mother figure, and a few friends….way too many!

I would like everyone to know, before I continue, that what I share with you is based solely on experience. I am not an MD, or an expert of any kind. I am a person who was given two months to live and am now 3 1/2 years cancer free. I have been asked by many “how?” I would like to share some information with you on how I believe it happened…..

To start, I never did chemo or radiation. I did this all naturally. I learned about alkaline and how important it was to alkaline your blood. If your blood is at just the right levels, cancer can not grow. As I wanted to use all natural it was extremely difficult to find a doctor who was willing to work with me, I finally found a Nigerian doctor who was absolutely incredible. He stated that one cup of spinach and one cup of raw almonds every day alkalies your blood levels and prevents cancer from growing. The problem was, I already had cancer. He had no idea what it would do to a cancer patient but we started it. I was originally 7 months pregnant when I was first diagnosed with cervical cancer and stage 1. Within 2 1/2 years I was stage 4 and the doctor told my husband (not me) that he was afraid of where I was going to be in two months if I would even be here. He said there was not much left to do. As I had been doing research, I learned about lemons and alkaline so I added a lemon daily to my diet. When I went back two months later, I was cancer free. The doctor could not believe it. He sent me away and told me to eat lunch and come back in two hours. I did, he re-did the tests and it was the same. He was shocked. It takes three tests in a 6 month period to officially be cancer free and January 18th, 2012 I officially became cancer free.

This may seem all to easy, but trust me it was probably the hardest 3 1/2 years of my life. The mindset it took to over come this………Part 2……….