Although the Coaching Field does not demand any type of certification, we strongly recommend when looking to hire a coach, you look for someone who has been certified. Coach’s who have been certified have not only spent time and money into investing in to their skills, and therefore investing in their client, but they have been privy to techniques, information and expertise that most Coach’s simply don’t know.

The reason a person hire’s a coach (often referred to as a Life Coach), is to focus on obtaining some type of goal or to simply live a better, more fulfilled positive life. The common misconception about coaching is that a coach will delve in to your past. This is not true! That is what psychologists and counsellors do. Coaches focus on the present and setting fine tuned goals to help a client achieve their future goals.

Tiffany Loya-Fenton considers herself to be an Adversity coach as she has certainly overcome her fair share of adversities. However, this is no different from a life coach. Tiffany has completed 3 College Diplomas, completed 2 different Inspired To Speak Programs, and has taken the training to become Certified as a Life Coach.

Remember that you do not need to be physically close to your coach in order to be properly and successfully coached. So, contact Tiffany Loya-Fenton today to help you live your life to your fullest potential.Life Coach Certification