Loosing a Loved One

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“There isn’t much time. She’s going downhill pretty fast. You should come.” The words none ever wants to hear. That call came in this morning about my grandmother. I unfortunately do not live within driving distance. I don’t even live in the same country or the neighboring one. But as I am far away I feel her.

My grandmother and I were really close all of my life. I used to spend the summers at her house. She would teach me to paint, make wicker furniture, play croquet and play card games with me. She would make popcorn from scratch almost every night and put the best butter on it. We would sit together and watch a show before bed.

She is 90 years old and in 3 months would have been 91. She has lived a full life and for that I am so grateful. My children got to know her which was important to me too.

Who knows what “going downhill fast” means and how much time she actually has but even once she passes, I know she will always be with me. She can feel me there now.

If this is you today, be grateful for the moments you had. No regrets! Smile and feel them close. Know that there time is special for them and should be for us too. It’s always harder on the living. Feel them around you and know they know you loved them.

Love you grandma. Til I see you again! You were the best grandma I could have ever asked for. Enjoy your next adventure. Love and laugh all the way.

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