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What does it mean to be perfect? To never make a mistake? To never feel a negative emotion? To never hurt anyone or be hurt? To never tell that little white lie and speak only of truth? To never be sick? To never fail and always succeed at everything you do and to never question your abilities? What does it mean to be perfect?

Perhaps being perfect is being the exact opposite of all of this. It’s making mistakes and feeling the negative emotion that goes with it. Maybe it’s being hurt and puristically hurting others. Maybe being perfect is telling little white lies, being ill, and failing every day. Perhaps it’s doubting yourself but proving yourself wrong.

It’s being imperfect that makes you perfect. It shows you have personality, courage, smarts, belief and values. It shows you have character. It’s being imperfect gracefully. It’s showing remorse, saying you’re sorry, having compassion and admitting when you’ve messed up or lied. It’s being angry at someone but telling them you love them still. It’s arguing and apologizing, it’s crying and laughing, screaming and yelling.

I am perfect. I live my life imperfectly. Are you living your life imperfectly? Are you perfect?

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