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For anyone who has ever been sick and has or will have some form of “treatment.” The mere word is vague and can be quite scary to someone who has never had to have any form of. I have had treatments for many things for many years. But 1 1/2 years ago I decided to try a different type of treatment. A treatment where I was hoping to not just mask the symptoms but to truly and honestly cure me. See, most treatments are done to “hopefully” cure you but at the very least, mask your symptoms so you don’t feel the pain, or the fatigue or you can go about your day. I have never been interested in treatments that mask.

In any case, I found this “treatment” from a naturopath here in Costa Rica. My husband and I had in-depth conversations with him as to how is actually cures and with no true guarantees (but what is in life anyway) we decided to go for it. It involves needles and injections and I.V’s and the whole process for each treatment is well over 4 hours. And if I’m being honest, it is the most painful thing I have ever endured. With more than 40 injections into my head, another 10 or so in my neck and shoulders, some in my forehead, down my stomach, along my back and across my chest I’m sure I cry with every one. Some hurt more than others. Some stimulate aspects of my brain and give me strong sensations of many different feelings. Sometimes the affect lasts for hours and other times the sensation is gone in minutes. When my treatment is over, I’m ready to pass out. I feel very weak. My husband typically helps me to the car, takes me home, tucks me in to bed and allows me to sleep while he takes care of the kids and makes dinner. I tend to spend the rest of the night either laying in bed with the family or reclined in the recliner in the living room watching a movie, typically while I dose in and out.

The truth is, I would encourage anyone to endure this as the treatments are working. It is an all natural treatment that is kicking the butt of many things wrong in my body. The ultimate goal is to get rid of my tumor and I’m sure it will happen. I will be cured one day and this will all be a story in my past because of this treatment. I know people who have been diagnosed with MS who slept all day and could barely function who now live a normal healthy life where you would know nothing was ever wrong with them in the past. I have met people enduring the same treatments I am enduring who were given months to live with cancer and are completely cancer free and have been for years. And although there is never a guarantee with anything, I am a living testimony that this treatment works. Sometimes it’s about putting all preconceived notions aside and jumping in with two feet hoping to land on solid ground and simply follow your gut…and also knowing that you’ll be ok if that ground you land on isn’t so solid.

So, as I brace myself and mentally prepare myself for my next treatment in 2 days time, I can smile. Although I know it will be excruciating and exhausting, I know it is helping me keep my Hero Within. With every injection I get to be the mom I want to be to my kids. With every painful injection I get to be a wife. With every prick and tear, I get to love more and be loved. Grateful to be in so much pain for such a short period of time.


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