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What makes you, you? Do you really know. Do you know what’s at your core? If you had the task of sitting down and writing a list with a minimum of 20 things that truly made you who you are, could you do it? Do you truly know the reasons why you are special? Why are you different from everyone else? Do you truly believe that all of those things that make you different are the amazing things that make you, you and not the reasons you need to be embarrassed? Why would you be embarrassed about anything that makes you, you?

Embrace every scar, every wound, every mark. Each one tells a story. Each one has helped you become who you are. Every fear you have, makes you special. All of the pride you have, make you unique. Every memory you have, good or bad, is worth having as it separates you from anyone else. Every encounter and experience…’s you. Every thought you have, amazing or terrible, be proud. Sometimes you will do or say things that may offend, hurt, embarrass, or devastate someone else…that’s ok because it’s all part of helping you create you. Sometimes you will do or say things that hurt, sadden or wound yourself and that’s also ok…it’s you.

Wrap your arms around you. Smile. Forgive yourself. Work on being the greatest you. Sometimes you will fail and other times you will excel, either way it’s ok because it’s you.Love yourself…faults and all…each thing makes you special and beautiful. From inside to out, you are perfect. Believe.

Sit down and write your list. A list of what makes you, you. Leave nothing off…even the things you are secretly proud of and no one knows. Keep that list in a safe place. When you need reminding, read it. Add to it. Live it. Love you! You are your own Hero!

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